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The Truth About How Long Should A Mattress Last

Dec 22

Mattresses are an essential investment as the average person spends between 25% to 30 percent of their time sleeping. It can be difficult to find a mattress at the mattress shop in Tucson Arizona. What is the typical lifespan of a mattress? A majority of people think that the life span of a mattress is between seven and 10 years. This is not an exact rule to be followed.


Your mattress may have to be replaced if it has sagging, deep grooves, or indentations. For those who would rather have one side of their mattress to the other, it's true. You should have a flat and firm mattress, with no obvious dips or craters.

Your mattress needs to provide the right support to your spine and back when you lie down. To reduce sagging, you can get a foam topper. To eliminate the sagging, rotate your mattress.

This is especially true with innerspring mattresses. It's only temporary, but eventually, you will need to purchase an entirely new mattress.



It is inevitable to have accidents in a bed with a child or pet. Potty training may lead to spills and accidents. You can prevent such accidents from occurring by using mattresses with liners or a cover for your mattress.

Every mattress eventually shows wear and tear. The signs could include staining and odors that don't disappear no matter how hard you scrub.

If the mattress you have is in such poor condition, it's time for you to dispose of it and buy a new one.



Bed bug infestations are a possibility regardless of how meticulous you are about hygiene. If you are frequently traveling or work from home, your house could be more susceptible.

It's a good idea to inspect the walls, floorboards, cushions, and pillows of your couch and also linen closets and mattresses for evidence of bed bugs.

The tiny creatures can be located under your mattress, therefore, make sure you change it and then fumigate everything. They might not be visible to you, but that doesn't make them invisible. Bed bugs can often be hidden in your mattress as you sleep.

Bed bugs could be the reason why you wake up each morning with red, unprovoked marks. It's not compatible with a mattress protector. Instead, you'll need a new mattress.



The mattress shouldn't be hard and lumpy. Check for lumps and roll by running your fingers along with the mattress, specifically in the areas you like. All mattresses suffer from this over time. However, a mattress that is sagging won't give you the support that your back needs.

To get a good night's rest, you shouldn't lay on a heavy mattress for longer than you need to. To ensure that your mattress lasts longer, invest in a high-quality mattress constructed of high-density, high-density.



Dust mites are part of everyday life.

A mattress could have between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites.

The mattress you sleep on could also contain mold or mildew. Pillows are another allergen-prone zone and should be changed every year.


  • Your mattress is less than 7 years old.

You may need to change your mattress if it has been in use for more than seven years. It could be possible to do this in an unoccupied bedroom that is not frequently used.

Tip: Cover your mattress to prolong its lifespan.



Although your mattress might not creak, however, a box spring base could cause creaking.

This is due to the wear and tear that occurs on the coils. Even though most mattresses and beds made of box springs come in sets, however, the mattress may require replacement prior to the base of the bed is.

The base of your bed is a crucial element of your mattress. Verify if the base is more than seven years old or shows signs of wear and wear and tear.



Your bedroom should be an oasis where you can relax and unwind with your mattress.

Research has revealed that quality mattresses are vital to restful nights.

The mattress may be to blame if you have difficultly got up from bed.

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