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How to unclog a delta 8 vape cart?

Jan 12

Your Guide on How to Unclog your Delta 8 Vape Cart!

The Information in this article is in large thanks to Herbal Society.

D8 THC has been known to be thicker than Delta 9 THC Distillate. This means that not only can the hits induce a little more coughing than the usual vape cart, its thickness can also sometimes make the cart clog. This is very normal with Delta 8 THC and is a common problem that many Delta 8 companies face due to the nature of the distillate and its consistency.

Fear not, these problems become small when you realize the solution to unclogging and even preventing clogs is unbelievably easy. Here are 4 simple but strong steps we personally take to keep our carts in great condition:

1 • When storing your cart, try and keep it standing upright as much as possible. Storing it upside down or laying it on its side can cause the oil to seep into the center column of the vape cartridge. The clogging will be virtually non-existent if you follow this simple step.

2 • Try not to leave your vape cart inside a car on a hot summer day. High temperatures can cause the oil to seep more easily into the center column (especially if not kept upright) – being in extreme heat for a prolonged length of time will make the oil too runny and prone to leakage, and thus future clogs.

3 • Small and steady but slow deep hits on a medium temperature setting on your battery will not only produce tastier and milkier hits, but it’ll also prevent overheating and pulling too hard on your vape cart. This can cause oil to seep into the center column which is a big no no!

4 • If your D8THC vape cart is clogged - don't worry! Our batteries have a preheat function, so all you have to do is click the fire button twice and a preheating function will be activated that'll warm up and loosen the oil. Similarly you can also press and hold down the fire button for a few seconds, and while manually holding the button you can take a hit until the cart unclogs and voila! Your vape cart's all clear.

**When trying to unclog your cart, think of it like a thick smoothie that you're having trouble sucking through the straw. The heat from preheating, and pressing the fire button will loosen the oil enough, so that the clog can clear. Heat a litle, suck hard, and the clog will be gone!**

We at Herbal Society like to use both the preheat function on the battery, as well as holding the fire button for a few seconds afterwards - all while attempting to take a hit. We find this combo to be quick and efficient, and it carries a high success rate for unclogging our vape carts every time.

So now you know how to take care of your vape cart! This knowledge can be applied to various different vape tanks and cartridges. Simply follow these steps and you'll be chilling and vaping without a care in the world.

- Herbal Society Team