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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Help to Remove Mold in Your Home

Feb 7

Mold thrives in humid, warm environments. As a homeowner, regularly looking for areas of mold growth is also critical. Finding out if you have mold growth in your home is critical for your health as well as the welfare of your pet and family. It can be challenging to recognize that you have issues with mold. However, you should contact mold remediation experts promptly.


  • Mold Smell

While some molds may emit an intense musty or mildew smell, this isn't always true. Do not overlook any peculiar or unfamiliar smells. If you detect a musty and strong odor, it is likely that you have a mold problem. Even though you might not spot the mold, the smell is a good way to identify any issues.


It produces an earthy smell that is noticeable in the background of curtains, under carpets, or carpet pads in walls that have insulation and above ceiling tiles.


  • Spots of Dark Color

This is especially important if you are moving into a new house. It is possible that you have problems with mold in your new home when you spot dark spots on your wall of the bathroom or basement. The growth of mold is triggered by organic material and can cause discoloration if not addressed for a long duration.


Do you think mold should be removed professionally?


Contrary to popular belief there are many different types of molds that aren't all black. Some molds are thread-like and white (white molds look like fluffy veins growing from a core spore) however, other types of molds are gray-brown, or pink. If you see discoloration on your walls or uneven, stained spots, it might be an indication that something is wrong. It is recommended to contact a mold remediation CT firm in this situation.


  • Water Injuries

Mold flourishes in warm, humid environments. If you have water leakage that isn't fixed, you chance of creating a mold-friendly atmosphere. It's better to correct leaks as soon as possible. To stop the growth of mold, it's best to speak with a mold remediation specialist for leaks that are in difficult-to-access areas like inside your walls.


Damage from water can be observed in peeling wallpaper, or in cracks in ceilings and walls. Mold growth is more frequent in homes with floods before. This means that they are more prone to mold growth.


  • Condensation

When moist, warm air meets a cold surface, it causes condensation. The surface gets cool quickly, releasing water droplets on the surface. This could happen in walls, windows, and air ducts. Mold can grow in this kind of buildup of moisture especially if it happens often.


Condensation is more likely to form in air ducts when it's colder outside. Monitoring the temperature in your home can help you avoid moisture and the growth of mold that goes with it. Consider purchasing a humidifier, and then installing it in bathrooms or other areas that are humid in your house.


  • Reactions to Allergens

Itchy eyes, stuffy noses, coughing, and sneezing are all symptoms of mold allergies. In certain instances, those who have weaker immune systems may also experience dry or scaly skin. The condition can be a serious condition if you or someone within your family is suffering from the symptoms. It is essential to track how these symptoms are affected while away from home.


Why would you need an expert in Mold Removal in CT?

Mold remediation CT is essential before further problems arise. Neglecting to seek professional help can be detrimental to the health and safety of your family members. Re-infestation is also possible should you attempt to get rid of the mold yourself. Mold testing kits sold at the store can be expensive and might not provide an accurate image of the condition or the area of the problem.


However, the mold strains that have a limited impact on a particular area (e.g. growing in the bath or a patch of drywall below the leaky tap) can be easily controlled.

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