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Smell Proof Bags

Apr 1

With the legalization of cannabis on the rise in many states, it's becoming easier to notice recreational usage of the plant based on the powerful scents that it's notorious for giving off. High-quality marijuana is often signified by a potent fragrance, and while we sometimes appreciate the rich aroma, many cannabis consumers want the option to be discreet and block this noticeable smell when desired. From family events to commuting in tight places, finding the right stash bag is an essential part of being a responsible cannabis user.

There are a range of smell-proof bags available on the market — some emphasize style, while others put a focus on practicality and size, like our favorite choice by Discreet Smoker. Read this shopping guide to learn about which smell-proof bags can meet your needs and rest easy with the knowledge that your flower is undetectable and safely stored throughout the day. 

When buying a smell proof bag, you have the option of choosing between disposable or reusable bags. That being said, we recommend reusable for the purpose of sustainability and space efficiency.

Disposable bags cost significantly less, but are extremely small, prone to breakage, and of cheaper quality than reusable bags. They need to be tossed after one or two uses, which isn't environmentally friendly.

Reusable bags are bigger and made of more expensive materials or fabrics. Rather than hold in odors, they can filter out odors just as effectively. Their shelf life is also significantly longer, which helps justify the more expensive price tag.


While disposable smell-proof bags are mostly made of plastic, reusable options are made from more complex materials and fabrics. Reusable bags often feature a durable nylon exterior, which protects your marijuana from liquids and potential rips. Other materials like bamboo and cotton may not last as long and may experience more wear and tear, but have a more elegant aesthetic and texture.


Smell-proof bags come in a range of sizes, depending on your needs. Highly compact models that are just 2 x 3 inches are available, and so are large crossbody and case-style bags which can be more than a foot wide, several inches deep, and six to eight inches tall. These bags are useful if you travel with multiple smoking accessories.


While this is about preference, choosing the right bag closure system is also about safety. If a bag is not sealed properly, smells can escape, and children can potentially access your marijuana. Zipper closers are functional, but the most effective type of closure is a zipper combined with a hook-and-loop or velcro, with a foldable top edge.