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Various Ways of Consuming Medical Cannabis in Colorado

Sep 5

If you are among the numerous people who deal with a persistent health problem, you might have been recommended medical cannabis by your doctor. Medical cannabis has been shown to be an effective therapy for a variety of conditions, consisting of persistent pain, cancer, as well as several sclerosis. Yet how do you eat it? There are several ways to take medical cannabis, and also each method has its very own collection of benefits and disadvantages. In this short article, we will certainly discuss 11 various ways to eat medical marijuana as well as the pros and cons of each method!

Smoking Marijuana

Smoking cannabis is the most common means to eat it. This approach provides the energetic ingredients of cannabis, THC and also CBD, straight to your lungs where they are after that absorbed right into your blood stream. The impacts of smoking cannabis are really felt nearly right away and peak within thirty minutes. Nevertheless, the effects just last for a few hrs. Smoking marijuana can also be rough on your lungs and also may cause bronchitis or various other respiratory system issues.

Pros of Smoking Marijuana:

  • The impacts are really felt nearly promptly
  • It is one of the most usual and prominent method of consuming cannabis
  • Easy to use, also for those without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Many people appreciate the distinct flavor of cannabis, which is due to the existence of flavonoids as well as terpenoids in the plant.
  • Though the dose is not constantly accurate, it's very easy to carry out.
  • The effects of this medicine lasts for a couple of hours, which is perfect if you require to continue to be productive.

Cons of Smoking Marijuana:

  • The results just last for a few hrs
  • Smoking can be harsh on your lungs
  • Minors are not allowed.
  • It's possible that the impacts won't last.
  • Smoking cannabis is one of the smelliest means to consume it, which can make being very discreet difficult.

Vaporizing Marijuana

Vaporizing resembles smoking, yet it entails heating the cannabis plant material or concentrate without burning it. This launches the active ingredients of cannabis, THC and CBD, right into a vapor that is after that inhaled. The results of vaporizing are felt within minutes and also peak within 30-60 mins. Nevertheless, the results only last for a few hours.

Pros of Vaporizing Marijuana:

  • The effects are really felt within mins
  • It is a less harsh way to take in cannabis than smoking
  • The dose is basic to regulate, although figuring out precise does is still tough.
  • It's a lot more effective than smoking cannabis to get the same results. In order to obtain the desired impact, you need to utilize extremely little medical cannabis.
  • It's not just less poisonous than smoking, however it's additionally much less noticeable.

Cons of Vaporizing Marijuana:

  • The impacts only last for a couple of hours
  • You need special devices to vaporize marijuana (a vaporizer).
  • High-quality vaporizers can be costly.
  • When you use a low-grade vaporizer, you put yourself in danger of breathing in burning metals and plastic. You do not want to inhale melting anything.

Eating Marijuana

You can likewise take in marijuana by eating it. This is generally done by preparing it into food, such as brownies or cookies, or developing it right into a tea. The impacts of eating marijuana are felt within 30-60 minutes and can last for a number of hrs. However, this method is not as preferred because it is challenging to regulate the dosage and the effects can be really unforeseeable.

Pros of Eating Marijuana:

  • The results can last for a number of hours.
  • It is a discrete way to eat marijuana.

Cons of Eating Marijuana:

  • The effects are difficult to anticipate.
    It takes longer for the effects to be felt (30-60 minutes).

Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana concentrates, such as hash oil or wax. This is done by heating up the focus on a warm surface and after that breathing in the vapor that is produced. The impacts of dabbing are felt virtually promptly as well as can last for several hours. Nevertheless, this method is not as popular because it calls for special equipment and can be extremely potent.

Pros of Dabbing Marijuana:

  • The impacts are felt almost quickly.
  • It is a really potent way to consume marijuana.

Cons of Dabbing Marijuana:

  • It calls for special devices (a dab rig).
  • It can be more difficult to manage the dosage.

Topical Application of Marijuana

Cannabis can likewise be used straight to the skin in the form of lotions, ointments, as well as oils. This approach is not as preferred since the results are localized and also not really powerful.

Pros of Topical Application of Marijuana:

  • The impacts are localized (i.e. they just affect the area where the cannabis was applied).
  • It is a discrete method to take in marijuana.

Cons of Topical Application of Marijuana:

  • The results are not extremely powerful.
  • It is difficult to regulate the dosage.

Transdermal Patch

A transdermal patch is a patch that is positioned on the skin as well as soaks up cannabis through the skin. This method is not as prominent due to the fact that it can be challenging to manage the dose.

Pros of Transdermal Patch:

  • The impacts are local (i.e. they just affect the area where the patch was positioned).
  • It is a distinct means to consume cannabis.

Cons of Transdermal Patch:

  • The impacts can be tough to manage.
  • There is a risk of skin irritation.

Inhalation of Marijuana

Cannabis can likewise be breathed in through a nebulizer, which is a device that turns fluid marijuana into a vapor that can be inhaled. This method is not as prominent since it calls for special equipment and also can be hard to regulate the dose.

Pros of Inhalation of Marijuana:

  • The effects are really felt almost quickly.
  • It is a powerful means to consume cannabis.

Cons of Inhalation of Marijuana:

  • It needs special equipment (a nebulizer).
  • The effects can be challenging to regulate.

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Medical Marijuana Laws

In the state of Colorado, medical cannabis is legal. Nonetheless, there are some limitations on who can use it as well as just how it can be gotten. A clinical cannabis card is called for in order to acquire medical cannabis from a dispensary. Dispensaries are controlled by the state and are only allowed to offer a particular amount of medical marijuana to each person.

There are also some restrictions on how medical marijuana can be used. It is very important to talk to your neighborhood regulations prior to utilizing medical cannabis, as the laws differ from state to state.


There are several means to consume medical cannabis, and also each technique has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is essential to pick the technique that is right for you, based on your requirements as well as choices. You ought to also be aware of the legal constraints in your state, as they can vary from one state to another.

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