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Colorado Cannabis Delivery: A Brief Guide

Jan 17

As marijuana becomes increasingly mainstream, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of consuming cannabis flowers. Not only is cannabis flower a terrific way to obtain natural relief from a variety of diseases, but it also comes in innovative forms such as smokable flowers, oils, lotions, and tinctures.

Each year, the news is replete with information on which states have recently legalized cannabis, as well as recommendations on how to purchase it in these newly legalized areas. It can be easy to overlook cannabis advancements in Colorado with all the enthusiasm.

It is a pity, given that Colorado has just made great progress. Both medical and recreational cannabis usage is legal in Colorado, and delivery is permitted under certain conditions.

This innovation is wonderful for all types of users. The delivery of cannabis to your door is convenient. Medical marijuana patients are not compelled to make the difficult walk outside. Recreational users are not required to have a designated driver if they run out of alcohol. A recent Colorado law expands the accessibility of this service, to the advantage of all.

Colorado's New Cannabis Delivery Law

With the approval of House Bill 1234 on May 29, 2019, Colorado allowed the transportation of cannabis under specific conditions (HB 1234). But why, a year later, is cannabis delivery only becoming a thing now? HB 1234 stipulated that, in 2020, cannabis could only be administered for medical purposes in certain locations.

Luckily for the people of Colorado, these test areas were a great success. In January of 2021, the distribution of recreational marijuana began. After a lengthy application procedure, state-wide marijuana delivery licenses are now being awarded to cannabis businesses.

The main question is whether or not this delicious delivery can be obtained. Problematically, HB 1234 says that marijuana delivery is an opt-in service. Before applying for a license, marijuana dispensaries in Colorado must await their local government's decision on distribution authorization. Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, and Superior have all elected to join medicinal and recreational marijuana delivery services, although other communities, like Denver, have been hesitant to join.

If you live in one of these four cities, acquiring cannabis for medical or recreational use online is as simple as any other internet purchase. Both medical and recreational marijuana users must provide their medical card number and proof of age of 21. Aside from that, it is as simple as purchasing from Amazon.

In other cities, you're not as privileged. You will still need to visit the dispensary in order to obtain cannabis. Across the state, businesses continue to offer curbside pickup and online ordering while fighting for local towns to accept delivery. Even while it is not quite as convenient as delivery, it is still the greatest alternative while people continue to protest and convince local officials to adhere to the new law.

Utilize Cannabis from Colorado Now

There are still areas in Colorado where marijuana delivery is not available, but the market is expanding fast. If delivery is not currently available in your region, you can still purchase cannabis online for in-store pickup. Even better, get a friend to drop over and get it for you.

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