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Weed recommendation: How do I clear a bong? | Leafly


Twice a month, American comic, musician, author, actor, activist, juggler, and writer Ngaio Bealum—host of the Netflix present Cooking on Excessive and trivia app Each day Bonfire—solutions Leafly reader questions on hashish, concerning private use, household, group, state, and nation. After a traumatic election, it’s time to wash up, and that features the outdated bong.


Pricey, Ngaio,

What’s your glass pipe and bong cleansing routine? Some individuals’s glass is NASTY.

—Roz N. Tarr



You bought that proper. And nobody desires to position their mouth on somebody’s nasty glass. Gross.

I’m a easy man, Roz. All I want is a few isopropyl alcohol (a minimum of 70%; 90% is even higher), a little bit desk salt, and a few elbow grease. Isopropyl alcohol must be simple sufficient to seek out, now that the hoarding has handed, or you could find some bong-specific cleaners on-line or on the native head store.

Right here’s easy methods to clear a bong:

  1. Pour some salt and alcohol into your piece.
  2. Plug the holes.
  3. Shake it like a Polaroid image. The iso and salt ought to dissolve and scrub away most of your guck and dirt.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner if it’s a must to get into some nooks and crannies.
  5. Rinse your piece with heat water, air dry, and you ought to be good to go.

We double-checked our methodology with a sanitation skilled, too. “I feel that could be a comparatively protected suggestion,” stated Josh Wurzer, SC Labs president and co-founder. “In a pinch, ethanol would work as nicely. I take advantage of acetone, as it really works much better than anything, however it’s a little gnarly for the newbie. Should you don’t rinse correctly it’s going to harm your lungs.”

Clean your Mobius NUC matrix diffuser after every session. (David Downs/Leafly)
Clear your Mobius NUC matrix diffuser after each session. (David Downs/Leafly)

Lastly, when you aren’t in a rush, you’ll be able to simply soak your piece in some alcohol in a single day or for just a few days, after which give it a rinse. Have enjoyable! And bear in mind to vary your bong water on daily basis, and even each few hours when you smoke all day.

Peace, Ngaio


Pricey, Ngaio,

Weed salads: Are they good? My homie is devoutly anti-salad. He says that the terp combos could be overwhelming, however I really like an expertly paired mix. This Sunday it was Papaya Punch + Squirt for bluntch. Ideas?

—Mina JaVerde

A three-strain salad joint. (Courtesy of Ngaio Bealum)
A 3-strain salad joint. (Courtesy of Ngaio Bealum)


Pricey, Mina,
I personally love combine: whether or not it’s an old style factor, like, everybody throwing a nug into the pile to roll a fats “stoned soup” doobie; or meticulously selecting the good strains and flavors to make a restaurant-quality, “medley of fall terps, wrapped with pure hemp” fancy-pants joint, er, pre-roll.

“The aim is to create a taste higher than the sum of its components.”

—Ngaio Bealum, on weed salads

Mixing totally different hashish strains is rather like mixing wines: The aim is to create a taste higher than the sum of its components. Blends are literally displaying up within the business market today, with corporations like Perfect Blends creating pre-rolls geared to create particular results like sleepiness or the giggles.

I’d say that your homie is lacking out on some good flavors and results and will possibly be hella aware when um, tossing a salad.

Attempt mixing a high-CBD pressure with one thing containing a bunch of pinene for an “lively, however not anxious” form of really feel.

I additionally wish to roll one with the strains lined up as an alternative of combined, so I can attempt to inform when the flavors change. However hey, in case your good friend doesn’t need to combine his weeds collectively, there’s no disgrace. Simply extra for us.

Greatest, Ngaio

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Ngaio Bealum is an American comic, musician, author, actor, activist, juggler and writer. He hosted the Netflix present Cooking on Excessive, and hosts the trivia app Each day Bonfire. He writes columns within the Sacramento Information & Evaluation, and Hashish Now, answering questions from readers about marijuana and the politics of legalization.

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