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What Does Marijuana Smell Like?

Nov 8

When people think of what does marijuana smell like, some of the common answers that pop into their heads include fresh baked bread, fresh strawberries, chocolate, and maybe even a pot of coffee. While each of these are definitely true, these are only the most popular answers to the question of what does marijuana smell like. Other common answers are often the most potent and some of the scents that come from the top strains of marijuana. Knowing what these scents are can help you when you are deciding which pot is right for you.

It also depends on the type of herb: it is sativa or indica. Sativa smells spicy and sweet, while indica strain smells more acrid.

Some of the scents that we associate with marijuana are typically sweet and mild. This is one way that people describe what does marijuana smell like. Sweet and mild scents are usually the result of good soil and weather. The soil and weather can really affect the overall potency of the aroma and the actual scent of the marijuana.

Some of the more potent scents that come from what does marijuana smell like are going to be resinous and aromatic in nature. These are typically the result of an earthy aroma and maybe even a little bit of grass or plant life. The smells can vary from subtle to almost overwhelming.

If you smell any berries while smoking it, what usually happens is that the small broken buds release the resin from inside to give off that fresh berry taste. While it is true that this type of smell is generally found only in certain strains of marijuana, it does not mean you cannot get it from others. In fact many of the stronger smells come from, what makes marijuana smell like berries is because of how the resin reacts to the air.

Skunk is one of the scents that is most prevalent in all forms of what makes marijuana smell like grass. This scent comes from the grass and also what is known as it's terpene compounds. These chemicals are what makes it possible for the marijuana to have a sweet, woodsy, and full-bodied flavor. However, when this smell is released, it often stays on the skin. After about 30 minutes it is whisked away by the wind and it will soon fade into a faint scent of grass.

It should be noted that this question is more for your personal preferences than any hard and fast rules that can be put in place. However, if you want to enjoy the great outdoors without getting arrested then the answer to the question "what does marijuana smell like?" is clear.